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How Yoga Saved My Ass
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About BENT

“It was nothing at first. Just a little twitch. My left ring finger was twitching, slowly, almost languidly, the way fishing line does when you’ve hooked something without any strength. Like a baby perch. I hadn’t even gotten out of bed yet.


My first thought: Stress?


(Nope, think again)”

Bent: How Yoga Saved My Ass is Anne Clendening’s edgy, whirlwind memoir about her struggles with teenage alcoholism, sobriety, heartbreak, death and a health diagnosis that ultimately provided a new perspective into life as she knew it. This is not a touching little story neatly wrapped up with a yoga bow at the end—it’s an achingly poignant, often hilarious journey of discovering who you really are and letting go of who you aren’t.


Publisher: Parallax Press

About Anne

About Anne

Anne Clendening is a yoga teacher, creative nonfiction writer, and columnist for Elephant Journal. She spent more than two decades working in the fashion business designing, styling music videos, producing fashion shows, and bartending in Hollywood nightclubs. She currently lives in L.A. with her Australian husband and their boxer dog Sabina, where she’s probably listening to Abbey Road right now with flowers in her hair.

Advance Praise

"Bent is profoundly raw, almost unbearably honest, riveting, irreverent, intelligent, poignant, deeply insightful, and will touch you in places you didn’t know existed. The writing style is so brilliant, gripping and finely crafted that it’s hard to believe this is Anne’s first book. Buy it. Read it. Share it. It’s a work of art that will touch your soul and help you be better at facing the big challenges that life inevitably presents us all."


~Bhava Ram, Author, Warrior Pose

"Bent is an inspiring story of the wisdom and redemption that is born of suffering and demoralization. Anne shows us that transformation and healing are possible for us all. She beautifully shines the light of awareness on how yoga is a recovery path. Read this book and join us in the revolution of awakening!"


 ~Noah Levine, Founder of Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society and Refuge Recovery, Dharma Punx, Heart of the Revolution

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